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Comments Needed for Dry Fork Mine

Mar 18, 2016

The Dry Fork Mine is in the process of conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) to add leased, permitted federal coal to its mine plan.  The scoping period for the EA has begun.  Information about the project can be found at:

Anything you could do to help us get the word out and comments on the desired scope of the EA to OSM by April 8, 2016 would be greatly appreciated. 

OSMRE Dry Fork Mine A2 EA
C/O Lauren Mitchell
Western Region Office, OSMRE
1999 Broadway, Suite 3320
Denver, CO 80202-3050

ATTN: OSMRE Dry Fork Mine A2 EA, C/O Lauren Mitchell, email:

The OSMRE is in the process of conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the development of the Dry Fork Mine Amendment 2 area.  This particular tract contains 33.4 million tons of coal in an area surrounded by industrial uses, coal mines and leased coal.

The coal is needed to supply long term, low cost, reliable fuel to rural utilities in the region.  Therefore, in addition to the significant tax and royalty benefits from mining the A2 coal, mining the coal will directly employ approximately 80 people per year, and keep electricity rates reasonable for those same local and regional residents.

The Dry Fork Mine has an excellent record of strong environmental stewardship and providing significant benefits including safe, reliable and low-cost coal, good-paying jobs and substantial federal, state and local tax and royalty revenue.  At a time when the main industries in Wyoming (oil/gas and coal mining) are suffering from a severe economic downturn, the ability to assure long term mining from the Dry Fork Mine is critical to the State and region’s long term financial well-being.  The Dry Fork Mine and its future are significantly integrated with the communities in northeast Wyoming.  The benefits of the Dry Fork Mine to its employees and their families, and the significant economic activity it brings to the region has been demonstrated through years of responsible mining and reclamation. I urge the scope of the EA to heavily weigh consideration of the economic impacts of the mining operation on the State and local economies.  

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