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Engineering/Geology Scholarship Criteria

The following are the scholarship criteria. Each applicant MUST be:

  1. A full-time COLLEGE SOPHOMORE or JUNIOR in good standing at the time of selection;
  2. Both a U.S. citizen and a legal resident of one of the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute member states – Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, or Wyoming;
  3. Pursuing a degree in a mining-related field or in the engineering disciplines such as mining, geology, mineral processing, metallurgy, electrical, mechanical and environmental; and,
  4. Have an expressed interest in Western coal as a career path.

Scholarship selection is managed as follows:

  1. The Rocky Mountain Scholarship Chairman will distribute scholarship applications to interested academic institutions. Among these are the University of Arizona, Colorado School of Mines, University of Missouri at Rolla, Montana Tech, New Mexico Tech, University of North Dakota, South Dakota School of Mines, Texas A&M University, University of Utah and others. Applications will also be sent to the Mines within the Institute member states. Nominations will be accepted only from students meeting the scholarship criteria.
  2. It is the intention of the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute to award a scholarship to a resident candidate from each member state as listed above. Applications from each state will be reviewed and rated by the Scholarship Committee. Interview of top candidates may be conducted. However, if there is no candidate acceptable to the Scholarship Committee from a particular state, no award will be given for that state.
  3. The scholarship is continuous and may be renewed at the close of the recipient's junior or senior year upon recommendation from the dean of the college or university involved, provided that the recipient is still a full-time student in good academic standing and enrolled in a mining-related field. It is the recipient's responsibility to reaffirm their eligibility to the satisfaction of the Scholarship Committee.
  4. The scholarship is limited to students pursuing an undergraduate degree. Graduate students are not eligible.

Scholarship presentation is handled as follows:

  1. The scholarship is presented to the recipient at the Institute's annual conference at the close of the nominee's sophomore or junior year. The winners will be guests of RMCMI at the 2015 annual meeting in Snowmass, CO, from June 28- June 30, 2015.
  2. The monetary value of the scholarship, as set annually by the Institute Board of Directors, is sent directly to the college or university to be used as tuition credit for the winner. This money will not be sent directly to the recipient due to Federal mandates. The 2015 Scholarship value is $2,750 per year for two years.

Application Deadline

Application deadline is February 1, 2019. No applications will be accepted after that date. Interviews of prospective candidates will be conducted March. Scholarship winners will be selected and notified by April 2019.

Please contact the RMCMI office, at 303/948-3300 or send us an email, if you have questions regarding the scholarship program. We appreciate your interest.